Vandorff is a swedish design company that offers durable products with fresh and pure designs suitable for daily life. Function, simple aesthetics and traditional methods merge to create timeless products.




The greatest environmental impact is determined in the early stages of our production chain. Vandorff aims to obtain and produce products with long term sustainability in mind – and thus we only use pure, natural and ecological materials.

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Sustainability is the main concept during every stage of production. This is obtained by e.g. recycling and making conscious choices of which materials to use. We believe that sustainability is a way of living and should be considered – always.


To us, it is of uttermost importance that our colleagues have good working conditions and receive fair wages. Each product represents an individual. Therefore we bring forth how, and by whom, the product has been manufactured.

Staying true to quality, for generations to come.


Vandorff Studios aims to provide timeless, yet modern aesthetics, meant to last for several generations to come. Traditional handicrafts and modern techniques are combined to achieve a handmade expression and deliver on uncompromised quality.

We aim to produce and obtain our products with long term sustainability in mind and thus we use only pure, natural and ecological materials. Manufacturing is handled with great care, where we recycle and minimize waste. Production is primarily based in Sweden,
but we also collaborate with - and thus support - local artisans based in India.


When creating something new we look at the contrast between nature, simplicity, timeless creation and genuine handicraft for you to keep.

This is where design makes a difference and what makes a genuine product. Inspired from just a single stroke of paint or crayon. Whether it's stains or signs of tear from weather conditions, we take inspiration from the people we meet and the beauty of nature and all that it provides. This allows us to create something you can treasure.


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